Greetings Star Family,

WELCOME to the Star Knowledge Teachings and Gatherings.

We SHARE the Sacred 11:11 — 12:12 — 13:13 Universal and Spiritual Star Laws of Creator.

The Ancient MorningStar Teachings of Creator are for YOU !! Receive the LOVE and LIGHT
and KNOW the GOOD you can do for MOTHER EARTH and ALL OUR RELATIONS.

“It's the building of Grandfather Sitting Bull's Circle of Light.”

O sa da dv
Mitákuyé Oyasiŋ

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All Star-Elders Sacred Teachings and Messages on this web site
are available as DOC and PDF documents for immediate viewing.

May their words of love, wisdom, and knowledge resonate within our universal cellular memory
and help each of us to answer the call to awaken.
Chief Golden Light Eagle's Online Radio Interview
with The D-Spot presented by The Awakening Zone
Star Knowledge Conference
"The Great Thanksgiving"
September 18 - 21, 2014
Montgomery Bell State Park Conference Center
Nashville, TN
Chief Golden Light Eagle TOUCHES OUR HEARTS
as he recounts the 15,000-yr. old Story of White
Buffalo Calf Woman and the caŋupa, the Sacred Pipe.

Petroglyph Starology Preview
Grandmother Silverstar's Interview with
Lynn McCallum on The Living Universe